More efficient, high-speed passenger trainsets are coming to the US.

My role

Product Design
Art Direction

In 2016, Amtrak announced plans to update their Acela high-speed passenger train lines, as well as many of the larger stations in the Northeast Corridor; including Washington D.C., Baltimore (BWI), New York (Penn) and Boston. The newly redesigned trains would reach speeds of nearly 200 mph, almost twice as fast as the current Acela trainsets, and would do so using 20% less energy. In addition, Amtrak planned for a widespread modernization program that would improve passenger experience in the United States. Unfortunately, the project was deprioritized after the Obama Administration.

I was tasked with designing the web experience to cohabitate with Amtrak’s exciting announcement. My goal was to create a landing page that encapsulated the new, modern look of the trains, while informing users of the updates to come.

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© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

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