Connecting people with reliable mobile and internet service. Even at the farthest corners of the earth.

My role

Art Direction
Product Design

GCI is Alaska’s largest mobile and internet service provider. They specialize in offering effective telecom solutions to all 600,000+ square miles of “The Last Frontier”. This is no easy task considering many of their subscribers live in remote areas of the Yukon.

While working as a design resource for Horizontal Digital, I helped their team develop high-quality experience solutions for gci.com. This included updating all functional areas of the site, and introducing new products and campaigns.

In 2020, I developed the art direction and online presence for the newly announced Yukon TV—Alaska’s ultimate streaming experience. I also helped retool the site’s e-commerce, redesigning their product list and product display pages to better drive online purchases and highlight the latest mobile devices offered by GCI.

Yukon TV


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