A harder-working buying experience.

Handsome Cycles pride themselves on a building a quality bicycle that is user-friendly by all rider-types. Each bike tells a different story of prideful individuality—taking on the personality of its owner. So how do you build a bike that is perfect for everyone? You break it down, piece by piece, discovering what works and what doesn’t. The end product is one that works harder, rides smoother and lasts longer.

In 2018, Handsome Cycles needed their website to work harder as well. They, like many online retailers, simply needed more users to discover their product, add it to their cart and finalize their purchase. This is easier said than done as many online shoppers are still wary of making large purchases before seeing the product in person. To make this process more seamless for the user we integrated the buying experience more thoughtfully throughout the website, offering up more calls to action toward purchase. We also added new product display pages and product list pages to the website—giving users a better line of sight to the whole of Handsome’s catalog.


Handsome Cycles


Website Revamp


UX/UI, digital design