A one-of-a-kind music festival experience with a single agenda item: celebrate local music.

My role

Creative Direction
Digital Strategy
Brand Identity Design

Nershfest is a live music event that takes place each summer in Minneapolis. I started the event in 2012 with two of my good friends. Together, we’ve grown the event from essentially a glorified house party to a legitimate music festival. Nershfest was inspired by a live performance from the one and only Bill Nershi, of String Cheese Incident fame. His energy and musical talent sparked the idea to create our own music festival in the Twin Cities. Since then, Nershfest has grown into one of the most beloved live music events in Minnesota. In 2021 we welcomed a crowd of over 4,000 live music lovers. Since 2017, the event has taken place at Inbound BrewCo in the North Loop neighborhood. We close 5th Street for the day and set up a large outdoor stage for our bands. There’s always food trucks and vendors on site, and of course refreshing craft beer from Inbound.

My role is simple: design the identity of the festival. Each year I reimagine what Nershfest should look like from a brand perspective. This includes our website, social content, taproom posters and signage, and it 2019 we brewed our first Nershi Nectar. Nershfest is a passion project for me. Total creative freedom to build a setting for local music talent to shine.

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© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

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