An independent studio specializing in digital design and branding.

What I do

Digital Design

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UX/UI Design

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Style Guidelines

Digital Strategy

Site Mapping


Personal Mapping

Information Architecture

Content Matrices

Category Insights

Brand & Identity

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My process

1. Define the problem

Before we get started, what’s not working? Is a rebrand or a new website the right move for your business? Before taking on new work, I always confirm that my capabilities are what’s needed to benefit your brand. Anyone can make a pretty website or logo—I aim to attach my efforts to tangible business objectives.

2. Research

What about your current experience isn’t benefiting your bottom line? Where can we apply design strategy to turn things around? It’s important to also look outside of the organization. Competitors within your industry are a good place to start, but I like to broaden my research even further—determining what a lasting approach looks like.

3. Brainstorm

Once we have some meaningful insights in hand, I apply what I’ve learned under the prism of your brand and the deliverables we’ve landed on. At this point in the process things are slowly starting to turn creative—here is where site maps, wireframes, art direction, etc. are formulated ahead of the design process.

4. Design

Now for the fun part! We can move forward confidently knowing that we are equipped with the right insights and blueprint in mind. We’ve identified our bullseye so to speak. Now we just need to shoot for it. I will provide multiple design directions, ultimately leading toward a final concept you can stand behind confidently.

5. Gather Insights

If you’re going to do something, do it right! Ahead of launch or approval I make sure all stakeholders involved are aligned with my design approach. Some goes for external forces once our final product is live. There will likely always be room for improvement. Now is the time to listen and learn from this process. Collaboration is key.

6. Adjust and evolve

Finally, time to apply what we’ve learned from users. A testing effort in the last step may have highlighted a new opportunity where design application and strategy can shine. The upkeep of a brand or digital product is never-ending. It’s better to avoid complacency, and allow design solutions to benefit your organization when necessary.

Meet Adam

I’m a multidisciplinary creative person with a passion for product design and strategy who’s been creating experiences for over 10 years.

I started Adam Marks Design Co. in 2018 as a challenge to myself to grow as both a creative and as a leader. Not only do I execute design for my clients, but I grow and maintain a collaborative relationship with them. I find that I am most fulfilled when I can utilize both sides of my brain. Being hands-on with the creative will always be my first love, but I crave the interpersonal connection, and find that speaking to my design ideas is just as satisfying, if not more. I pride myself in my ability to take my clients through all steps of a full-scale digital design or brand/identity project; all while maintaining the business contact and delivering rationale and compromise for the creative decision-making.

I believe all experiences should celebrate what makes the brand unique and should manifest stronger relationships with new and existing customers. I’d love to hear about your project. Shoot me a note at

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© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

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