Part 1: A True Brand Advocate

Keving Durant’s partnership with Sparkling Ice started when he initiated a conversation with the brand simply because he likes the product. As an athlete, he enjoys the bold flavor of Sparkling Ice while not consuming large amounts of added sugar or sweeteners. In 2016 Sparkling Ice wanted to create a brand experience that included Durant, and also marketed to young athletes and sports fans.

The Idea

An online gamification where users attempt to score on Kevin Durant in an interactive 2D experience. Consumers were led to the microsite by in-store displays that were scannable using visual recognition functionality of the Shazam app. If players scored on Kevin they were given one of a variety of KD related prizes, including Nike shoes, basketballs, jerseys or Sparkling Ice products. Win or lose, all participants were given a discounted offer for their next purchase of Sparkling Ice.


Sparkling Ice


Web app gamification, Branding


Art direction, UX/UI, digital design