Scandinavian simplicity redefined.

The Bachelor Farmer is an exploration of Northern food, featuring local ingredients according to the rhythm of the season. Winters in Minnesota are long, but from constraint is born creativity. Since opening its doors in 2011, the Bachelor Farmer was at the forefront of thoughtfully prepared nordic cuisine, but their digital identity had fallen behind. The restaurant’s original website embraced the idea of Scandinavian minimalism—almost to a fault. There was little to no information on the website, and it simply needed to work harder to stay afloat in the highly competitive North Loop food scene. In other words, their audience needed to know more.

The new website stays true to the restaurant’s Scandinavian roots, taking advantage of white space, a vibrant color palette and hunger-inducing photography; all while getting the necessary information in front of the user. The goal of the redesign was very much aligned with The Bachelor Farmer’s mission of sustainability. This website is built to last.


The Bachelor Farmer




UX/UI, digital design