Milwaukee Tool

I worked with Horizontal Digital to create new digital experiences for Milwaukee Tool’s battery-powered M12, M18 and MX Fuel product lines.

Ovative Group

I worked with the team at Ovative Group to design a new agency website that is both engaging and informative for their prospective audiences.


In collaboration with Horizontal Digital, I helped design and strategize a number of campagins and experiences for


I created a digital experience for Amtrak’s unveiling of the next generation of high-speed railway passenger travel in the US.


I started Nershfest with two friends almost ten years ago. Today, Nershfest is the Twin Cities fastest-growing music festival.

Handsome Cycles

In collaboration with Knock, Inc. I helped Handsome Cycles make their digital presence more conversion-focused and intuitive for users.

The Bachelor Farmer

I worked with the Scandinavian eatery to design a simpler, more useful user experience that aligned closely with their Nordic brand.

Newland Properties

I worked with Knock Inc. to create a new, more engaging digital experience for the multi-functional community developer.

Core Living

I have designed a number of brand identities for Core Living—a multi-unit real estate management business focused on connectivity.

Great River Energy

I designed Great River Energy’s Electric Highway campaign—focused on educating users on the accessibility of an electric vehicle road trip.

Tonka Trails

I created the brand for the Minnetonka Mountain Bike Trail Advovates, working to build sustainable trails in the west suburbs.


Through the power of branding, I help organizations visualize a meaningful and engaging first impression for their customers.

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© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

© 2021 Adam Marks Design Co. All rights reserved.

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